Volume 20 (2012)

Volume 20, Issue 4 (2012) - Special Issue: Digital Inclusion and Learning

Volume 20, Issue 1 (2012)

Viewing mobile learning from a pedagogical perspective Matthew Kearney, Sandra Schuck, Kevin Burden, Peter Aubusson
Worth it? Findings from a study of how academics assess students’ Web 2.0 activities Kathleen Gray, Jenny Waycott, Rosemary Clerehan, Margaret Hamilton, Joan Richardson, Judithe Sheard, Celia Thompson
Beyond marks: new tools to visualise student engagement via social networks Joanne L. Badge, Neil F.W. Saunders, Alan J. Cann

ALT-C 2012 Conference Proceedings - A confrontation with reality

Editorial for proceedings papers David Hawkridge, Steven Verjans, Gail Wilson
Augmented learning – spreading your wings beyond the classroom Vickel Narayan, Catherine Davis, Robin Gee
A Tale of One City: Intra-institutional Variations in Migrating VLE Platform Ian Glover, Anna Campbell, Farzana Latif, Leona Norris, James Toner, Connie Tse
Confronting an augmented reality Danny Munnerley, Matt Bacon, Anna Wilson, James Steele, John Hedberg, Robert Fitzgerald
A profile of the future: what could HTML 5 do for HE by 2015? Lee Scott Griffiths, Rick Ogden, Rob Aspin